Photo credit:   Natalie Escobedo

Photo credit: Natalie Escobedo

The group highlights the haunting underbelly of the sounds of traditional Americana and early country music... Glass Mountain’s music stuns in its ability to capture the past with elegance and triumph.
— Chicago Tribune

Glass Mountain is Heather Malyuk, Sara Leginsky and Ari Bolles. Inspired by a love of old-time and early country, the women of Glass Mountain make music that captures the grit and beauty of the American folk tradition. Their shows have the raw, spontaneous energy of a jam and the soulful intent of a gospel hymn.

The trio of singers and multi-instrumentalists first met through their involvement in Chicago’s folk music scene, and quickly found a kinship playing heartsick love songs, dark mountain ballads, and blazing fiddle tunes. They each bring a different musical vision and experience - with backgrounds in classical performance, old-time jams, and the singer-songwriter circuit - to create a sound that both celebrates and moves beyond the traditional.